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In No.6 we venture North to the Links of Brora as Jim Hartsell answers the question why do we love golf? We've all had that moment when we believe we can play this game. That lightbulb moment when everything aligns, when it all seems to flow so effortlessly. That was not the case for a crane operator, in the north of England, in the 1970's as he aimed to become the champion golfer of the year in The Ballad of Count von Hoffmanstel.

All of this and more in No.6

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In No.5 we explore one man's obsession with golf memorabilia that fills his entire spare room. A visit to Askernish where Jim Harstell's expectations far exceed what he could have ever imagined. Murray Bothwell caught up with Mr Carnoustie - Trevor Williamson, as he tells of his love affair with the famous links. All of this and more in the latest edition of The Links Diary.

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In No.4 we explore what it's like to play the old course in reverse, we catch up with an unlikely band of brothers at Kingsbarns, and we have some Tea with our Golf at Machrie on the Isle of Arran. We also bring you a piece from Golf's very own Banksy - Shanksy, and a historic golf club that's endangered of being lost to the sea.

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Introducing our 3rd edition. No.3 is packed full of stories from across the links of Scotland. From Jim Hartsell's 'The last Caddie' to Murray Bothwell's 'Nostalgia isn't what it used to be'. As always it's where the journey begins. 

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The 2nd edition of The Links Diary is our first printed copy, published December 2020. The Links Diary is the perfect golfer’s companion. A magazine filled with incredible images and stories from Scotland’s golf courses and characters. From the Cattle fairways of Dunaverty, to the inspiration behind Clive Clarke's Dumbarnie Links. We delve into Ben hogan's love of Panmure and catch up with the man making golf for everyone, Erik Anders Lang. 


The First edition of The Links Diary. Game of Names, Great Golspie, One for The Memory Banks are some of the stories that grace the pages of this edition. So go buy yourself an electric fan, switch it on and point it at yourself, grab a coffee and dream.

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