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What you'll find inside No.1

'Game of Names', 'Great Golspie' and 'One for The Memory Banks' are just some of the stories that grace the pages of this edition. So go buy yourself an electric fan, switch it on and point it at yourself, grab a coffee and dream.

Luke Willet British Speed Golf Champion
The Iron Golfer

Interview with Kenny Pallas

Photography by  Luke Willett

What you are about to read is a story of incredible endurance, a golfing treasure hunt like no other. Fourteen Open Championship venues, covering eight-hundred and thirty-one miles, all in ten days. Here's the clincher though: he covered it all by bicycle. One man, one bike, four clubs and some of the most famous golf courses in the world.

Golf course architects from Scotland that have shaped golf courses around the world
The Scots That Shaped Golf Course Design

Words by Murray Bothwell

Photography by Stuart Currie

Here we'll take a look at a few of Scotland's most talented golf designers from the past 150 years and explore the rich geographical variety of courses which today's players continue to enjoy.

Golspie Golf club in the Scottish Highlands
Great Golspie

Words by Kenny Pallas

Photography by Stuart Currie

If golf was a religion, which for many it may as well be, then travelling to play in this region is a worthy pilgrimage. These courses come with a huge side-helping of Highland hospitality making the experience very hard to beat.

One for the memory banks boo k by author Luke Reese
One For The Memory Banks

Words by Luke Reese

Photography by Stuart Currie

It was the greatest day of our lives. I recall Christian saying to Erik "They're Scottish: they will hug about eight times", and he wasn't wrong; although i reckon it was closer to ten.

Prestwick Golf Club The Birthplace of the Open
The Birthplace of The Open

Words by Murray Bothwell

Photography by Graeme McCubbin

The stretch of land between Turnberry and West Kilbride on Ayrshire’s Clyde coast is of significant historical importance within the world of golf. Whilst tee-hunters gravitate to the dramatic and historic golfing links of the east coast of Scotland, Prestwick is the Birthplace of the Open Championship and has produced many famous golfers and course designers whose influence is felt today around the globe.

Cullen Golf Links
Natural, Legendary, Unique

Words by Jim Hartsell & No Laying Up

Photography by Ross Cooper

When Tron Carter of the American multi-media golf group ‘No Laying Up’ played Cullen for the first time with longtime Cullen Member/ Club Champion / Fundraiser /Ambassador George Clark, he asked, “Where is the green?” Clark silently pointed north, seemingly straight into the sky. Carter responded to the gesture with a laugh, “There is no way.” Clark, with a reserved smile, replied, “Yeah, up there.”

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