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Links (lɪŋks)


A Scots language derivation of the Old English word hlinc meaning “rising ground, ridge”. The non-arable land beside the sea is where the modern game of golf came to life and thrives. 


Links land is characterised by fast running, hard turf, undulations and sand dunes. The modern day bunker comes from these very dunes as do water hazards from burns running into the sea. This is the purest form of golf where the running game is the key to good play. The elements are part of the defence of these seemingly living courses. 


The sand under the soil creates the links magic that we all love. The browntop bent grass and red fescue may trouble us when we find the rough yet we remember that this is the tradition of our great game, it’s not supposed to be easy. Links courses are a rich source of golf history, ancient and modern, where characters have shaped the sport we play today. They are full of quirks, traditions and tales that have been passed down through the generations of golfers that have walked those fairways. Like folklore passing through a tribe, clubs are proud of their past. 


Visiting these historic clubs gives you a chance to hear these stories and meet those people. A round of golf with a member will bring you closer to that club’s history. It will give you a look at the soul of a club. 


The Links Diary is the perfect golfer’s companion. A magazine filled with incredible images and stories from Scotland’s golf courses and characters. Our growing community of image takers and storytellers will give you a unique look at the home of golf and beyond. 


Learn about hidden gems and the personalities that make golf more than a game. The Links Diary taps into the rich fabric of storytelling that has long been a part of the ancient game to enhance your experience as a golfer. 


Think of this magazine as a gallery, a place to celebrate what makes golf great. This is your new golfing community where our passions for golf can be shared and celebrated. With features from some of the most talented photographers and storytellers in our sport, this is the home of golf like you’ve never seen it before.

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