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A Links Diary Film
The Last Caddie

Chris McBride has caddied on the Ayrshire coast since the age of 13. Caddying is the only job he has ever held. He started out looping at Turnberry in the 1970's, working two days a week for ten shillings a round - about the equivalent of fifty pence today. Chris has seen everything in his 50 years of caddying. Even a partial list of golfers he has "been out with" around the links of Ayrshire is impressive - Gary Player, Ben Crenshaw, Byron Nelson, Doug Sanders and Payne Stewart are just a few.

"Chris , can I reach this green in two today? He replied, as grave as a judge, "Aye. Aye, Jim. You can indeed. Not a problem at all - as long as you hit three good shots."

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