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The Links Diary No.6

The Links Diary No.6


In No.6 we venture North to the Links of Brora as Jim Hartsell answers the question why do we love golf? We've all had that moment when we believe we can play this game. That lightbulb moment when everything aligns, when it all seems to flow so effortlessly. That was not the case for a crane operator, in the north of England, in the 1970's as he aimed to become the champion golfer of the year in The Ballad of Count Manfred von Hoffmanstel. Ollie Allison asked himself, Is 12 the perfect number? as he explored a wonderous golf course on an island off the west coast of Scotland. Tempers flare on a round with a golf clubs most notorious aggravated member as Reece Witters delivers another highly amusing short story in The Whistly Nostril. All of this and more in No.6

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