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What you'll find inside No.5

In No.5 we explore one man's obsession with golf memorabilia that fills an entire spare room in his two bedroom apartment. A visit to Askernish where Jim Harstell's expectations far exceed what he could have ever imagined. Murray Bothwell caught up with Mr Carnoustie - Trevor Williamson, as he shares his love affair with the famous links. All of this and more in this edition of The Links Diary.

The best golf memorabilia collection in the world
My Spare Room

Words by Kenny Pallas

Photography by Graeme McCubbin

It all started around 20 years ago with a win on eBay, a Justin Leonard caddy bib. There was no conceivable way that Gary Dempster could have foreseen what would come from that single transaction. That bib would lead to one of the world's greatest golf collections of golf golf memorabilia found in a two bedroom apartment in an undisclosed location in Scotland.

Trevor Williamson the legendary caddie and ambassador of Carnoustie Golf Links
It's In My Blood

Words by Murray Bothwell

Photography by Stuart Currie

Golf runs in the blood of Trevor's family. He has an enviable lineage, the Simpson name littering the Open's records of the 1880's.His great uncle Jack Simpson was the winner of the 1884 Open Championship at Prestwick. He was also a talented clubmaker, very much a requirement for professional golfers back then and that skill found its way to Trevor.

Trying to break par in golf
Broken Par

Words by Gary Henderson

Photography by Isaac Paul

As i wandered off the course, the heavens poetically opened. The sky was grey. The scorecard was black. Mercifully, it was over. I was done. Be a Dad, stay home with the kids, take up fishing, get the clubs on eBay. Goodbye Golf. Anyway, three days later I shot 72.

Askernish Golf Club in the Scottish Hebrides with Jim Hartsell
Aisgernis, Mo Chridhe

Words by Jim Hartsell

Photography by Emil Weber

The greens at Askernish are natural and wildly undulating wonders. Hole after hole, Robbie would inevitably say, "Look at that Jim" or just simply, "wow."  

A bucket list golf trip to Scotland The Home of Golf
40 Years In The Making

Words by Murray Bothwell & Griffith McDaniel

Photography by Griffith McDaniel

For many people, turning forty can be a pivotal moment. You announce changes. Your actions can suddenly seem out of character to your friends and family. Things appear, and other things begin to disappear. But when you have a love affair with the game of golf, in all its various shapes and forms, there's few moments can compare to the realisation that your dream of playing golf with friends, in Scotland, has actually become a plan. 

Old Tom Morris and his Cleeve Hill Golf Course design
Old Tom's Course In The Sky

Words by Alex Frolish

Photography by Stuart Currie

This place in the heart of England, The Cleeve Hill Golf Links, as it was first known, is an improbable place for a golf course. It is an undulating sprawling hilltop where the clouds swirl around your ears, pushed across the surface of this peak by the ever flowing rarified air.

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