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The Links Diary

Tapping into the rich fabric of storytelling. Stories that celebrate golf and the people that shape the game. Wrapped up in 124 pages of awe-inspiring words and photography from Scotland and beyond.

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The Links Notes
Our short form stories,  collections of photography and films available digitally.   

What you'll find in our Current Edition

In No.5 we explore one man's obsession with golf memorabilia that fills an entire spare room in his two bedroom apartment. A visit to Askernish where Jim Harstell's expectations far exceed what he could have ever imagined. Murray Bothwell caught up with Mr Carnoustie - Trevor Williamson, as he shares his love affair with the famous links. All of this and more in the latest edition of The Links Diary.

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"TLD is a fantastic publication. It's timeless, with wonderful stories and brilliant photography."

Matt Innes, TLD reader

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