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A Links Diary Film
The Butten Boy

Jim McAlister's life in golf is one which has encompassed many highs, formidable lows and the experience of being at the forefront of a pioneering development to re-establish British golf at the very top of its profession. In 1962 a millionaire management consultant called Ernest Butten had started a scheme to train selected young professional golfers in a bid to produce a British golfer who by 1967 would win the Open Championship and the American Open Championship. The idea behind this training programme was the five Ms.. Muscle, Method, Mental, Measurement and Management. He believed if they were going to beat the Americans, they had to develop all of these skills to be able to perform and compete with the superstars across the pond. This is the story of one of those original Butten Boys - Jim McAlister. Now 86 years old, he reflects on his life within golf including his time with The Butten Boys.

"However, the butten Boys experience was not everything it promised to be. It failed eventually because Mr Butten simply intefered. It was well know that he would sit at the back of the green and watch his players putting out, counting strokes, analysing movement. It turned many of the boys into physical and mental wrecks."

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