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Links Elements - Cold

Playing golf by the sea in the colder months is a character-building pursuit. As the mercury drops you need to wrap up and, when you add the wind into the equation, things can get seriously cold. These are days when you have to choose between an ability to swing freely or to be warm.

The coast offers a refuge for golfers through the winter who still want to play on good greens and fairways. Links courses avoid that harsh frost that can close parkland courses. That being said, the coast can expose you to cold that feels like it gets right down to your bones.

Sitting in the clubhouse with a warm coffee and a bacon roll, provides a false sense of security. The pre-round hot drink is a must on days like these, this heats you from the inside out and puts a fire in your belly to help you fight the chill.

On days like these you will need more layers than modern tour balls to ensure you can keep your body heat in and that winter air. Those layers are key to staying warm and being able to swing the club freely. From base layer to shell, somedays you need it all.

There is a strange thing that happens when you play golf in the cold weather. You get out of your car or leave the clubhouse and it feels debilitatingly cold. Then, as you hit a few balls and get ready to play, you start to heat up. Walking the course definitely helps keep those internal fires burning too.

There is something invigorating about playing golf on a cold and crisp winter morning. The low winter sun may not have the heat of the summer but it has a beauty of its own that’s hard to beat.The sun also feels more precious in the winter, although in some parts of Scotland it’s hardly abundant in the summer.

As the sun starts to heat the cold links land the dew lifts and forms that low mist that dances on top of the turf. This is a welcome raising of the mercury that helps give you extra warmth. If you’re well-dressed then you may even be able to take off a layer but it is always an intrepid member of your group that makes this move first.

As we approach the winter we have a challenge for you. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy golf into those colder months. There is a unique charm to golf in the cold and, as long as you’re dressed for it, you can savour these bonus rounds that you may not have been expecting to enjoy.

Words - Kenny Pallas

Photography - Graeme McCubbin

Elements range from J.Lindeberg

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