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Links Elements - Wind

You’re sitting in your car. Outside there is a wild and wicked wind swirling around, the gusts are fierce and you even feel them shake your car. Surely this is a day for sitting inside and letting the gales pass. The thing is though, you’re a golfer and you’re near the sea. With links golf comes wind.

Since the dawn of golfing time wind has been one of those elemental forces that shapes our wonderful sport. It can make the most poised swing fall apart and it can turn some golfers into genius artists.

A windy day on the links tests your shotmaking and creativity to the max, it also demands that you strike the ball perfectly. Golf on a links course is the purest form of the game and the wind is rarely absent. It can have you hitting a seven iron and a three wood the same distance.

On those days when the waves have white tops and the birds won’t fly, golf can be its most humbling. You are forced to watch the ball take sail in midair on those shots you haven’t quite got right, left a spectator to what will be.

As the summer gives way to autumn and then winter, we meet the wind more often and she can often be more fierce too. These are days when the forecast may tell you that it will be over ten degrees but that wind takes it way below that. On days like these we become truly exposed to the elements and the cold can affect our game.

We may question ourselves whilst on the course as to why we would do this? Why do we spend this time outside in conditions that most would never even consider putting themselves through? The answer is simple though, we are golfers, we enjoy the test and take pride in being out there when our fair-weather friends would never be.

There is a Scandinavian mantra that says, “there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes”.

Although variations of this quote have been attributed to many, the sentiment is simple, good weather gear is important. If you feel good you will play better and on the windiest of days you need protection from the breeze.

With the right clothing we can take on any conditions. Wind cheaters can keep that breeze from us like armour and help keep us warm within the shell. Those gusts can try their best to penetrate our technical apparel but with the right stuff it will ultimately fail.

It must be remembered that having the right clothing in your bag is just as vital as having the correct clubs in your bag. Staying cosy in a wind storm is vital if you want to keep your spirits high. Remember, on these days you’re battling both the course and the weather.

To all of those who have watched a drive or an approach catch the wind and sail into trouble, just sit back and laugh, at least you’re on the course.

Words - Kenny Pallas

Photography - Graeme McCubbin

For - J.Lindeberg

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