The Links Notes

Writing the Diary

As we move closer to the re-release of our first edition on a print run, we at The Links Diary wanted to bring you behind the scenes a little to let you know what goes into the magazine.

The Links Diary team is made up of four golf nuts, this project is something we do in our spare time to share our love of the game with the world. We also have fantastic contributions from writers and photographers from far flung reaches of the globe. This is more than a magazine, it is a growing golf community.

Step one in the process involves gathering story concepts. For number one, we were just starting to get into the pandemic and so going out to gather new content wasn’t really possible. We had a think about what kind of images and tales we had to hand and started working on them.

We centre our content on the beautiful images taken by Graeme McCubbin, Stuart Currie and other contributors like Ross Cooper. As a team, we feel that these images can help transport you to a time on that links course or make you want to go in the near future.

Then we need to add the words to the images and tell the stories of characters at these great links courses. I do a lot of the writing and we have great contributions from Murray Bothwell and Jim Hartsell which help add differing styles and ideas to the magazine.

Once the text has been put together we send it off to Murray, who reads through it with a careful eye. At this stage, things start to really heat up in the TLD kitchen as Stu starts his design magic. The ingredients of the magazine are starting to come together nicely.

We look through various designs with different images here and there and the magazine starts to come to life. It is at this point, where we test the magazine in our own little focus group. If we don’t love it then it doesn’t pass the test and we need to make changes.

Usually there are a few searches through Graeme’s impressive back catalogue to find that perfect image. It is one of those things, small changes are made here and there, then eventually you see it and know you’ve got it right.

To add a flourish to the end of the magazine and get those golfing juices flowing, we like to end the magazine with the Links Gallery section. This is where we take a selection of exceptional images and put them front and centre for you golfers to enjoy.

I often find myself just staring at these images and imagining playing some of the holes on display. Often I am quickly onto Google trying to find out more about these courses so that I can add them to my “must play” list.

When we are all happy with the layout, the magazine gets our approval and it goes off to print, at this stage there is no turning back. We wait anxiously and patiently for Stu to receive the prints and it is always a great moment when our WhatsApp group lights up with pictures of our finished article.

During this whole process, Jamie is working away on our social media channels giving sneak peaks at the magazine and helping to add excitement to the project. He also helps co-ordinate the flow of the magazine and with sourcing content. He even puts pen to paper sometimes and writes an article as in our first edition.

Please allow me a moment of self-indulgence. When I first held The Links Diary in my hands it was quite an emotional moment. I have been writing about golf for many years and to see my text sitting alongside such beautiful images was so special.

We are a small band of golf addicts who came together by chance. We each have our own jobs outside of TLD, yet we work together to celebrate our favourite sport.

We have been humbled by the response to The Links Diary so far and can’t wait to bring you the upgraded first edition in May. Those of you who bought our second edition can now get its predecessor and start your collection properly.

To everyone who has been a part of this journey so far, we sincerely thank you for your support.

Kenny, Jamie, Stuart & Graeme.

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