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Jones Sports Company has crafted iconic single strap carry bags for the game of golf since its founding in 1971. The Portland, OR brand has long sought to simplify the golf bag, ridding it of frivolous design and unnecessary clutter, to create a bag that players truly enjoy carrying. Jones is dedicated to recreating vintage flair and capturing nostalgia, all the while paying tribute to the legacy of the game by utilizing pure and traditional designs.

George Jones began sewing bags in his basement and selling them out of the trunk of his cab. Today, Fifty years and more than a million bags later, Jones Sports Company is finally admitting what everyone's really known all along.

There never was more than one sport at Jones Sports. There was always just one. Golf. They not only continue to carry the name of their founder, they also continue to bring his innovative vision to every bag they make.


From their patented stand system that remains the gold standard for stand bags, to every seam, stitch, strap and pocket they make-Jones bags are the definition of form following function. No fluff, no hype. The only thing missing from their bags is your name and they'll put that there too. At Jones Golf Bags they never have to worry about keeping up with the Joneses, because they are the Joneses.

We are proud to be working with a company with such ambition and unparalleled attention to detail. Just like The Links Diary.